Martin Rev – Les Nymphes

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Produktnummer: BB418-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.12.2022

1) Sophie Eagle
2) Narcisse
3) Triton
4) Venise
5) Valley Of The Butterfly
6) Les Nymphes Et La Mer
7) Dragonfly
8) Phaetone
9) Nyx 10) Daphne
11) Cupid
12) Deep Temple
13) To Vow
Produktinformationen "Martin Rev – Les Nymphes"
A Martin Rev album is always liable to spring a surprise. Think of the rough guitars which unexpectedly appeared on his 2003 release "To Live" instead of synthesizers. "Les Nymphes", which followed in 2008, saw Rev return to dream-laden melodic miniatures, but came from a resolutely more radical place than its predecessors.