Martin Rev – To Live

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Produktnummer: TB417-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.12.2022
1) To Live
2) In Your Arms
3) Black Ice
4) Gutter Rock
5) Shimmer
6) Painted
7) Places I Go
8) Lost In The Orbits
9) Jaded
10) Our Roads
11) Search For Stone
12) Water
13) Stormy
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Produktinformationen "Martin Rev – To Live"
American indie label File 13 Records released what was already Martin Rev's sixth solo album in the autumn of 2003. The previous year, Rev and his musical partner Alan Vega had struck out in a new direction on their "American Supreme" album and Rev's solo works continued in a similar vein. If "Strangeworld" from the year 2000 actually felt more like a timeless abstract of Martin Rev's entire spectrum of musical influences, "To Live", three years later, introduces more contemporary elements, including guitar samples for the first time.