Cluster – 1971 - 1981 (9 Album Boxset)

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Erscheinungsdatum: 08.04.2016
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Limited to 1000 vinyl sets (180g) and 1500 CD sets. LP version is sold out!

CONTENT: The boxset represents the first 10 years of Cluster. A massive collection of 8 original albums + one album which documents the live performances of the duo. While spanning a 10-years period, we tried to come up with a coherent design and sound:

CLUSTER 71 – originally released 1971 on Philips 6305074
CLUSTER II – originally released 1972 on Brain 1006
ZUCKERZEIT – originally released in 1972 on Brain 1056
SOWIESOSO – originally released in 1976 on SKY 005
CLUSTER & ENO – originally released in 1977 on SKY 010
ENO MOEBIUS ROEDELIUS/ AFTER THE HEAT – originally released in 1978 on SKY 021
GROSSES WASSERoriginally released in 1979 on SKY 027
CURIOSUM – originally released in 1981 on SKY 063
KONZERTE 1972/1977previously unreleased

DESIGN: The Design is inspired by the colors of the legendary first album (Cluster 71). The original typo has been used, blue is the dominant color and the single CD/LP sleeves use the variety of light yellow to dark red/brown which can be seen on the Cluster 71 cover art. The original covers are all shown in the booklet(s).

MASTERING: All Cluster albums have been remastered by Willem Makkee, using a variety of original master tapes (from 1/4 to beta).

RELEASE: CD – April 8th, 2016; LP – April 22nd, 2016

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