Cluster - Japan Live

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Produktnummer: BB174-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 30.01.2015

Japan live 1 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 2 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 3 (Tokyo “On Air West”)
Japan live 4 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 5 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 6 (Osaka “Club Quattro”)
Japan live 7 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 8 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 9 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)
Japan live 10 (Osaka “Muse Hall”)

Produktinformationen "Cluster - Japan Live"

This album features live recordings from concerts in Osaka and Tokyo from 1996. Tracing the arc of suspense in these improvisations, the equanimity and nuance which Roedelius and Moebius bring to their music becomes apparent, engendering a positive sense of excitement in the conscientious listener. Our reissue is a new, reworked version. (Originally released 1997 under the title "Japan 1996 live".) New artwork.

Release: January 30, 2015

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl