Ougenweide - Herzsprung

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Produktnummer: BB53-CD

1. Tritons Ruf
2. Herzsprung
3. Phol Ende uuodan
4. Ein leis und traurig Lied
5. Dy minne
6. Einem lieben
7. Uisk flo aftar themo uuatare
8. Dansa joioza
9. Lilien & Rosen
10. Ella Mia
11. Der welsche Tanz
12. Ich sachs eins mals
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Produktinformationen "Ougenweide - Herzsprung"
The mother of all medieval bands has recorded a new studio album! The Hamburg formation can look back proudly on 40 years of creativity, choosing this particular anniversary to gift themselves and their many fans, old and new, with the "Herzsprung" album. Positively overflowing with ideas, the music draws on the riches of several centuries and a variety of different European countries, played on unusual instruments by absolute masters of the craft! Simply brilliant!

Release date: April 23rd 2010
Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD