Hellsongs - Long Live Lounge

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Produktnummer: TR225
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.02.2012
1. Seek & Destroy
2. The Evil That Men Do
3. War Pigs
4. Heaven Can Wait
5. Sin City
6. Walk
7. Youth Gone Wild
8. School's Out
9. Run To The Hills
10. Skeletons Of Society
11. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
12. I Just Want You
13. We're Not Gonna Take It

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Produktinformationen "Hellsongs - Long Live Lounge"

HELLSONGS are famous around the world for their outstanding coverversions of metal and hard rock songs. Once you've heard their versions of IRON MAIDEN or AC/DC you will NOT forget them. This is especially true seeing the band performing live. Amazing and really, really fun!

A very special performance was recorded for the LONG LIVE LOUNGE release you are holding in your hands now: HELLSONGS playing together with members of the GOTHENBURG SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA in their hometown of Gothenburg. Not only a special night for the audience in attendance but for the band as well.

Release date: Feb 17th 2012

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