Ezio - This Is The Day

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Produktnummer: TR191-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 22.10.2010
1. A Small Dream
2. Bad Bad Place
3. This Is The Day
4. Supermarkets
5. Bruce Springsteen
6. Can't Stop Dreaming
7. Marina
8. Bicycle
9. Each Time You Cry
10. The One And Only One
11. Mad At Myself
12. I Still Want You
Produktinformationen "Ezio - This Is The Day"

This is the Day captures Ezioʻs songs and performance in their most potent form. And lo and behold how this rough diamond will sparkle!
Who today could come up with such bad-ass sounding tracks like Bad Bad Place with its „while half the world is writhing in pleasure, the other half is writhing in pain“ acerbic lyric set. Reminiscent of Tony Joe White, the original swamp fox, in all his gin-soaked, leather-clad glory.

Bruce Springsteen (a sure contender for this yearʼs coolest song title!) is a pure treat of Asbury Park, New Jersey meets Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire proportions. „Iʼll never be the boss. Just lower management I guess. Iʼve never had a Thunderbird. A beat-up Volvo is less absurd“.
And what about Bicycle? „I love being drunk on my bicycle. It makes me feel just like I can fly“. Only Ezio Lunedei could write a song like this one. An instant classic in my mind. Funny, too.
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