V.A. Sowas von egal 2 - German Synth Wave Underground 1981-1984


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Release Date: 14.08.2020
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Product information "V.A. Sowas von egal 2 - German Synth Wave Underground 1981-1984"

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Two years have passed since the successful release of the first "Sows von egal" compilation.

"Sowas von egal" is a collaboration between the Hamburg record label Bureau B and the Hamburg party series Damaged Goods where they present rare, obscure synth & wave discs from the early 1980s which absolutely deserve to heard. It was clear from the outset that “Sowas von egal 2” would need to scale similar heights of excellence as its predecessor, featuring carefully selected, sought-after, danceable tunes.

In contrast to the first volume, most of the acts here were only active in the early 1980s and have not released any records since then. The tape artists were particularly invested in the DIY ethic – as is often apparent in their sound aesthetics and the unbridled energy which has lost none of its intensity today. Their art was seldom – if ever – tempered by commercial considerations or sales strategies.

A year in the making: “Sowas von egal 2” is a worthy successor to part 1!

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Release: August 14, 2020

2. Christian Kneisel – Nähe und Distanz
3. Silberstreif – Ich suche Dein Gesicht
4. Lieferschein – Leben auf dem Müll
5. 4712 – Steig den Luis Trenker
6. Plastiktanz – Mir geht es Danke gut
7. Rolf Jungklaus – New Wave (Pseudo)
8. Vono – Fred der Ritter
9. Kleenex Aktiv – Sternklare Nacht
10. Conrad + Gregor Schnitzler – Shark Eats Ice
11. Partner Eins – Warum müssen Autos fahren?
12. Mark Montan – Alles oder nichts
13. „In“ Seit – Nachtschwärmer (Album Version)
14. Mittageisen - Unverständnis
15. Die Synthetische Republik – Der böse Osten
16. Casino Mariteam – Sage nicht

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format: CD, Vinyl