The electronic duo God is God consists of Turkish musician, producer and Kinship label founder Etkin Çekin and Belarussian multi-instrumentalist, composer singer and Not Not Fun alumni Galina Ozeran who started making music after a chance meeting in Berlin in 2015.
In St. Petersburg Galina Ozeran formed various bands and began the lo-fi improvisational dream-pop solo project Chikiss, influenced by Soviet synth pioneers Eduard Artemiev and Alexander Zatcepin as well as American film composer Angelo Badelamenti, Laurie Anderson, and early Warp records. On Metamorphoses, this is reflected in her narcotic melody lines and sung "liquid language" – a kind of improvisational, non-semantic vocalization, which combines fluidly with Çekin's sonic vision. Etkin Çekin was honed in both Istanbul and Germany and draws equally on the sounds of Bülent Arel, Erkan Oğur and Turkish 90s indie-experimental band ZEN as well as Roedelius, La Düsseldorf and Suicide. The result of Çekin and Ozeran's collaboration is both measured and electric.