Two pioneers of electronic music have come together to bring us their cosmic visions of sound. What do they sound like? Hypnotic, percussive, surprising, tribalistic, driving, spherical, dark, uplifting. Sometimes like this, sometimes like that - and sometimes you think you can feel it all at once. Music for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Harald Grosskopf played drums on the early Klaus Schulze albums and recorded thirteen albums with Ashra. His solo works Synthesist and Oceanheart are outstanding releases of the German electronic music scene. Eberhard Kranemann studied music at the Dortmund Conservatory and art at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. He played a couple of shows as a member of NEU! in 1972, co-founded the electronic bands Kraftwerk and Pissoff and released albums under the pseudonym Fritz Müller.