Born in Japan, Saeko Okuchi started to learn the piano as early as four years old and at sixteen she started to play the guitar. Through her parents influences, Saeko discovered Jazz and Brazilian music. Visiting Techno- Parties in Tokyo awoke her interest in the spheres of electronic dance music. DJs who played renegade club music to the mainstream played an important part in that. Through those DJs, Saeko discovered artists such as Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, who greatly inspired her with their Industrial sounds. Driven by those impulses, Saeko Killy became a DJ herself. During her time travelling in Brazil, she played at Underground- Parties, organised by the artist collective VOODOOHOP in São Paulo. A context that showed free artistic expressions and broadened her horizons, both politically and musically. After moving to Berlin in 2018 Saeko Killy found herself in the orb of Club Sameheads, where she made herself known as a DJ and live performer. Her music is a contemporary Leftfield Clubsound, effortlessly combining elements of Dub, Post-Punk and Kraut with electronic Beats.