Sølyst - Sølyst


Product Number: BB86-CD
Release Date: 12.08.2011
1. The Swell (4:25)
2. Melville (4:46)
3. Optimyst (5:05)
4. A Swarm Of Nereids (4:13)
5. Hoorn Of Plenty (6:34)
6. Kelpie (5:08)
7. Malstrøm (4:26)
8. Ned Land (2:56)
9. The Isle (2:06)
10. Cape Fear (4:45)
11. Dim Lights (5:32)

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Product information "Sølyst - Sølyst"

Kreidler drummer Thomas Klein presents his first solo album. Like Kreidler SØLYST also unites analogue drums and electronically generated patterns. Klein is a musical hypnotist, taking aim at rhythmic ecstasy with minimal, yet highly effective means. SØLYST's darkly pulsating aural cosmos envelops the listener and holds him fast as a fantastic voyage commences. Afrobeat, minimal music, Krautrock, dub, cosmic – a genre to encompass these influences has yet to be invented, so Tribal Dub Krautrock is perhaps the most fitting description.

The vinyl version (180g!) comes with a download code.

Release date: August 12th 2011

Stream/Free Download Malstrøm:

Style: red
format: CD, Vinyl