Robocop Kraus – Why Robocop Kraus became the love of my life


Product Number: TR524-2-CD
Release Date: 25.11.2022
A1) The Pilot's Sister
A2) Hollywood hat schon immer unsere Ideen geklaut
A3) Landing Is O.K.
A4) In France Undercover
A5) Jimmy Is A Murderer
A6) She Crashed Her Car In The Backyard
A7) Love Controllers

B1) One Night In Bangkok
B2) This Is Our Situation
B3) Poor Soul Relax
B4) Love Hungry Man
B5) She Said It's O.K.
B6) Audience (Alternative Version)
B7) Tips For Performers (Alternative Version)

C1) Filler
C2) This Is Not Science Fiction
C3) Free Masons In The House
C4) Warehouse
C5) Ain’t That Something
C6) Velvet Speck
C7) Polka 

D1) Ignore It
D2) Sometimes I Wonder If You'd Been A Dog In A Previous Life
D3) And Not Quite Made
D4) The Transition
D5) Property
D6) Let’s Stay In Bed
D7) One For The Witches (WIFS Cover)

Product information "Robocop Kraus – Why Robocop Kraus became the love of my life"
Long time no hear: after an extended hiatus and just the occasional gig, Robocop Kraus have rewired and reunited. They’re back in the game. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the band was formed, a period which saw them release on labels like L’Age D’Or, Epitaph, and Anti. Now they have put together a compilation featuring all of the tracks which, for one reason or another, were not available on their regular albums, with an intriguing number of rarities and previously unreleased material.