Die Partei - La Freiheit des Geistes


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Release Date: 11.04.2014
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DIE PARTEI was a one-off project featuring musician Tom Dokoupil (Siluetes 61, The Wirtschaftswunder)and the artist and musician Walter Dahn (Die Hornissen). The pair met up for a single weekend in 1981 to record "La Freiheit des Geistes" ("La Freedom of the Spirit"), a fantastic instrumental post-punk synthpop album. At times its forward thrust sounds cold, restless and hectic, at other moments it comes across as pleasantly winsome and melodic, plangent even. Film quotes and sporadic bursts of instruments (in particular Dokoupil's clean Vox guitar and a saxophone) flavour the music. "La Freiheit des Geistes" is an album of opposites in a state of mutual attraction, just as Dokoupil and Dahn intended.

Release: April 11th, 2014

Style: red
format: CD, Vinyl