Zeus B. Held - Attack Time

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Produktnummer: BB433-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 22.06.2023
01. Enfant Terrible
02. Cowboy On The Beach
03. Transportable Music
04. Daily News
05. Raise Your Gun
06. Drive My Car
07. Magic Circles
08. Eurode
09. Test
10. Didn't I
Produktinformationen "Zeus B. Held - Attack Time"
With 'Attack Time' by sound tinkerer Zeus B. Held, Bureau B is re-releasing one of the most exciting records of the original experimental Kraut-pop period. After various stints, including prog band Birth Control and underground dance tipple Gina X Performance, he also put out a string of solo releases. 'Attack Time', originally released on Aladin in 1981, gave Zeus B. Held the opportunity to experiment sonically outside the mainstream and subversively undermine the hegemonic MTV sound of the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the album was a commercial failure at the time. So it's all the nicer that it's now being brought out into the world again with all its supposed contradictions between enraptured New Wave, cosmic electronics and weird rock grooves.