V/A- WIZZZ French Psychorama 1966-1970 VOLUME 1 (Born Bad) LP

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What the Kent compilations are to Soul, the Back from the Grave comps are to 60s-Punk, the Wizzz compilations are to french 60s Pop/Beat/Psych. If you like Ye Ye music, take it a step further and enter the wonderful world of Wizz. This Compilation is arguably the best-ever French '60s compilation, originally released in 2001 All the tracks here have become classic. This compilation deals with the groovy side of French pop from the mid-'60s to the early '70s. Crazy lyrics about sex, drugs, and other typical topics. Sung and performed by obscure artists such as Charlotte Leslie, Christie Laume, Les fleurs de Pavot, Daniel Gérard, Richard de Bordeaux, Christine Pilzer, William Sheller, Les Papyvores, Stéphane Varègues, Daniel Beretta, Monique Thubert, L'oeil, and Philippe Nicaud.

A1 Charlotte Leslie - Les Filles C'est Fait
A2 Christie Laume - Rouge Rouge
A3 Les Fleurs De Pavot - A Degager
A4 Danyel Gerard - Sexologie
A5 Richard De Bordeaux - Je M'ennuie
A6 Christiene Pilzer - Champs Elysees
A7 William Sheller - Exitissimo
A8 Les Papyvores - Le Papyvore
B1 Stephane Varegues - Le Pape Du Pop
B2 Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta - Psychose
B3 Monique Thubert - Avec Les Oreilles
B4 Oeil - Bernadette
B5 Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta - La Drogue
B6 Philippe Nicaud - Cuisses Nues, Bottes De Cuir

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