Tony, Caro & John - All On The First Day

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Produktnummer: TR386-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.11.2017

1. The Snowdon Song
2. Eclipse of the Moon
3. Meg Il
4. Snugglyug
5. Apocalypso
6. Sargasso Sea
7. Swordsman of Samoa
8. There are no greater Heroes
9. Waltz for a Spaniel
10. Hole in my Heart
11. Morrison Heathcliff
12. Don't sing this Song
13. Homecoming
14. All on the first Day

Produktinformationen "Tony, Caro & John - All On The First Day"

Release: November 24th, 2017

CD and LP (180g + CD) are limited to 500 copies.

"Don't sing this song, don't try to sing along, we don't need your appreciation, so don't sing this song."

Although they've achieved much of it in recent years, it was never for appreciation that Tony, Caro and John came to record "All On The First Day". The group instead formed serendipitously in the early 1970s through musical appreciation, DIY sensibilities and an 'all goes' mentality. It was here within the walls of the band that they were able to provide homecoming for a group of like-minded friends and cohorts during a rapidly changing cultural climate in London.

It's not surprising that many years after "All On The First Day" made its journey into the underground a group such as Beach House, which was also formed within a DIY community ethos, covered "Snowdon Song", renaming it "Lovelier Girl" and placing it as a centerpiece on their self-titled album. This gesture is a testament to the longevity and relevance of the songs produced by Tony, Caro and John over 40 years ago. "All On The First Day" has become a cult-classic; a flagship for any group who want to come together to create a sonic habitat.

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