The Wirtschaftswunder - The Wirtschaftswunder

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Produktnummer: TR528-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.07.2023
01. Mutter und Vater
02. Kopfgeldjäger
03. Mach dir das Leben schön
04. Rate mal
05. Tapetto Magico
06. La Belle et La Bête
07. Erste Hilfe
08. Der große Mafioso
09. Madame X
10. Junge Leute
11. Wildes Tier
12. Die Parade
13. Das weisse Pferd
14. Big Men
15. Zuviel
Produktinformationen "The Wirtschaftswunder - The Wirtschaftswunder"
The Wirtschaftswunder are European post-punk history. Formed in Limburg in 1980, the multinational band consisted of Czech-born guitarist Tom Dokoupil, Canadian keyboardist Mark Pfurtscheller, German drummer Jürgen Beuth (also in Die Radierer) and Italian singer Angelo Galizia. After their DIY Milestone "Salmobray", the band was signed to Polydor. Contrary to the aims of the record company, who planned to make a huge NDW act out of the band, the new (and more expensive) ways of record production just showed how special this band really was. A financial flop and artistically one of the strangest and most wonderful major debuts of all times.