The Telescopes - Of Tomorrow

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Produktnummer: TR531-clear-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 18.05.2023
01. Butterfly
02. Everything Belongs
03. Where Do We Begin?
04. Only Lovers Know
05. (The Other Side)
06. Under Starlight
07. Down By The Sea
Produktinformationen "The Telescopes - Of Tomorrow"
Of Tomorrow is the 15th album from The Telescopes, the fifth for Tapete. The album was created entirely by Lawrie at his studio in Shropshire, it is a departure from what the press often refer to as a ’wall of throb’ when describing the dense merge of noise and sound synonymous with most of The Telescopes output. Of Tomorrow marks a complete change in dynamics. Here we have the poetry of motion, solid grooves to the fore, leaving crystallised trails across a fluttering undercurrent of uplifting rhythm and hooks.