The 39 Clocks - Subnarcotic (CD)

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Produktnummer: BB95
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.03.2012
1. Heat Of Violence 3:35
2. Dom (Electricity Elects The Rain) 7:31
3. Psychotic Louie Louie 3:00
4. Past Tense Hopes & Instant Fears on 42nd Street 6:22
5. Virtuous Girl 2:22
6. Three Floors Down 3:50
7. Rainy Night Insanities 7:14
8. A Touch Of Rot 2:21
9. Aspettando Godo 5:27
10. (Bonus) Past Tense Hopes & Instant Fears on 42nd Street (Live)

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Produktinformationen "The 39 Clocks - Subnarcotic (CD)"

Second album by the legendary Hanover duo, that was notorious for transgressing every rule in the music business book. Systematically. And with style. The 39 Clocks invented the Original Psycho Beat: futuristic, hypnotic 60s psychedelia with a beatbox deferred to the early 80s. "Subnarcotic" from 1982 is the pivotal work in the band's history. The reissue is mastered from the original tapes (in better sound quality than the original vinyl), and includes a previously unreleased bonus track.

Release date: March 2nd 2012

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Style: Rot
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