Supersempfft - Metaluna

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Produktnummer: BB438-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.11.2023
01. I See Stars
02. Wutt Wutt
03. Bubbles + Smoke
04. Metaluna
05. The Wrong Song
06. I Can Sing
07. Butterfly Baccanal
08. Farewell Goodbye
09. Wutt Wutt II
10. Shine On Me
Produktinformationen "Supersempfft - Metaluna"
The avant-garde Kraut ensemble Supersempfft laid the foundation for their techno-tropical pop music in 1979 with their debut album "Roboterwerke." In 1981, they followed up with the album "Metaluna," which is now being honored through a re-release on Bureau B. The group, consisting of Dieter Kolb, Franz Knüttel, and Franz Aumüller, fused global influences, experimental sonic landscapes, and surreal lyrics into a unique sonic cosmos. "Metaluna" stands out with its meandering sequences, unconventional rhythms, and psychedelic songwriting that remains groundbreaking even decades later.