Station 17 - Werkschau

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Produktnummer: BB315-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2019

1. Feeger
2. Bademeister
3. Technomuseum 2
4. Cola Lite
5. Dinge
6. Uh-Uh-Uh
7. St. Pauli der hat heut Geburtstag
8. Ohne Regen kein Regenbogen
9. Alles für Alle
10. Lila Pause
11. Boogie Boogie Baka
12. Pata Patao
13. Zuckermelone
14. Hito
15. Lied der Doofen

Produktinformationen "Station 17 - Werkschau"

Anyone who has followed the progress of Station 17 over the past three decades will know: the only constant in this band is change. Evolving, stretching musical parameters, testing limits – these are the guiding principles of the band founded in 1988 by a group of mentally handicapped residents – Wohngruppe 17 – in Hamburg.

The anniversary compilation "Werkschau" offers a wonderful introduction to the cosmos of these pioneers of inclusive music production.

Release: February 1st, 2019

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Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl