Station 17 - Oui Mixe

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Produktnummer: BB431-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 07.09.2023
01. 20.000 Meilen unter dem Mond (Efdemin's 7/4 Version)
02. Hausmann (Paul Frick ist müde Remix)
03. Pusch (Pantha du Prince Sharing Lunch with Apes RMX)
04. Der Monat (Toto Belmont Sophisti-Dub)
05. Bewegung (Mense Reents Remix)
06. Aufgehoben (Ada Remix)
07. Das Rasen (Durch die Nacht mit Lawrence Pt. 2)
Produktinformationen "Station 17 - Oui Mixe"
"Oui Bitte" is the eleventh studio album by Station 17 and was recorded in Forellenhof, Nordhastedt - North Germany. With tired eyes, the collective usually sat together into the early hours and listened to the takes that the day's work had produced. The compelling rhythm, the supreme discipline of the band founded in 1989, has always been inherent in their work, and with the housy "Hausmann" a collective wish arose: here we need a remix! The desire then grew and spread over the entire album ... "Oui Mixe", out on September 8th, contains seven remixes from people like Pantha Du Price, Ada and Efdemin.