Station 17 - Oui Bitte

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Produktnummer: BB430-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.05.2023
1) 20.000 Meilen unter dem Mond
2) Hausmann
3) Pusch
4) Der Monat
5) Bewegung
6) Aufgehoben
7) Das Rasen
Produktinformationen "Station 17 - Oui Bitte"
After a period of distance Station 17 just wanted to stand in a room together again and make some music, so they drove out of Hamburg to a remote site in the hills of the Hohe Geest in Schleswig-Holstein and played some new song sketches together – all day and late into the night. Afterwards they wanted to play the results live at a concert in Fabrik, a venue in Hamburg. No one in the band expected that the sessions would result in an entire album, but the music told them once again: what had been created here in the radiance of the moment could not be reproduced. A moment of happiness for the band collective. "Oui Bitte", Station 17’s 11th album had been born – quite unexpectedly, between pool and trout pond.