SORBET - This Was Paradise

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Produktnummer: BB368-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 07.05.2021

1. (Paradise)
2. Only For The Young (feat. Arborist)
3. The Candle
4. (Purgatory)
5. Beaming Signals
6. Born Purple (feat. Mickykiiatein)
7. I Heard His Scythe (feat. Maija Sofia)
8. Kettle Boil (Disobedience)
9. The End Of Time
10. (Hell)

Produktinformationen "SORBET - This Was Paradise"

Irish producer Chris W Ryan (Just Mustard, NewDad and his own Robocobra Quartet) began releasing music under the moniker SORBET in 2020 with the express intention to cleanse the palate; both for the listener and himself. Exploring freely across genre bounds, the world of SORBET is informed by electronic music just as much as classical and alt-pop, with nods to artists like Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Kate Bush and David Byrne. Inspired by this freedom of creativity, the debut SORBET album This Was Paradise features a host of collaborators orbiting around Chris' nucleus, in which he flexes his ability as a composer and technician in equal measure.

Release: 4 June 2021

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl