Signor Rossi - Music by Franco Godi

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“Viva, viva happiness / Tried to catch it, no success / Viva, viva happiness.“ A stroke of genius - one of those melodies you instantly remember and never forget. It was composed by Franco Godi for Bruno Bozzetto’s cartoon series about Mr Rossi, a simple, little industrial worker looking out for the easy life. This huge hit appears in English, Italian and German, along with all the other famous tunes (in Italian) on the “Signor Rossi“ CD, due for release on 8th August 2008 through BUREAU B.

Bozzetto, one of the most important exponents of Italian cartoon “fumetto“, created the character as long ago as 1960, at 22 years of age, picking up a film prize almost immediately. International acclaim followed in the 1970s, with the introduction of music by Franco Godi in 1975 playing no small part in the breakthrough, notaby with the signature tune of “Signor Rossi“. Not that the previous music had been of inferior quality – it just lacked that extra special something, New versions were recorded for English and German audiences, still hummed by young and old today.

Godi, a native of Milan, after working initially for Radio Firenze, is still active today as a successful music producer for advertising and pop (e. g. the Italian Hip-Hop group Articolo 31). When setting the full-length Rossi series to music, he assembled a group of outstanding speakers, singers and musicians, who, in the mercilessly catchy song Qua Qua Qua, for example, provide a scintillating demonstration of their vocal skills. A song, moreover, in which the singing tree trunk is not the only one to be doubled up with fits of laughter in the process. When performing as an ensemble, these artists have usually traded under the cryptic name of Jona E Coro (Jana and choir). Further highlights include the cannibal song Bu Bu Buana Bu with its jungly lyrics written by Godi himself, and the crisp, sitar-scented Tutankamen Cha Cha Cha.

Since 1962, Godi has come up with what must be a record-breaking number of advertising tunes written for companies such as Kodak, Tuborg, for sundry Fiat models or for Fernet Branca, earning him – along with a little extra pocket money – the title of “Mister Jingle”. Acknowledged by the music critics, Godi also worked with Bozzetto and Manuli on Vip, My Brother Superman as well as with Osvaldo Cavandoli for his classic La Linea (released through BUREAU B at the end of August.)

The CD booklet depicts the finess scenes from the series, accompanied by in-depth liner notes, penned by Ron Gissori, about the diminutive gentleman in his red attire.

Release date: August 8th, 2008

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