Saeko Killy - Morphing Polaroids

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Produktnummer: BB426-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.03.2023
1) Confusion And Friction
2) Vitamin D
3) Belgium
4) Mars Rocks
5) Lullaby For Nightmare
6) Strawberry Flips
7) Alt!
8) Sun Shower
9) Red Moon
10) Intimate Flame
11) Insecure Drive
Produktinformationen "Saeko Killy - Morphing Polaroids"
'Morphing Polaroids' is the debut album by Japanese born Saeko Okuchi alias Saeko Killy for Hamburg-based Bureau B. After moving to Berlin in 2018 Saeko Killy found herself in the orb of Club Sameheads, where she made herself known as a DJ and live performer. After releasing her first EP "嘘みたいな世界で踊れ – Dancing Pikapika" with the label Chill Mountain from Osaka in 2021, followed a fruitful Jam session during the pandemic lockdown, resulting in the eleven titles collected together here for the album 'Morphing Polaroids' produced by Brussels DJ and selector soFa elsewhere. The LP is a contemporary Leftfield Clubsound, effortlessly combining elements of Dub, Post-Punk and Kraut with electronic Beats.