Roedelius - The Diary Of The Unforgotten/Selbstportrait VI

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Produktnummer: BB52-Vinyl
1. Remember Those Days
2. Frohgemut
3. Du
4. Schöner Abend
5. Ausgwählt
6. Manono
7. Ampfer
8. The Diary Of The Unforgotten
9. Hommage à Forst
10. Weg
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Produktinformationen "Roedelius - The Diary Of The Unforgotten/Selbstportrait VI"

A beautiful collection of recordings from 1972 to 1978, first released in 1990 (with different artwork). "Selbstportrait VI" contains compositions Roedelius did in addition to his work with Cluster, Harmonia and Brian Eno in the legendary Forst years. In the booklet Roedelius looks back on this personal and artistical important period of his life. He explains the magic of the idyllic place and its influence on his music.

Release date: April 23rd 2010

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl