Roedelius Czjzek - Weites Land

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Produktnummer: BB376-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 21.05.2021

1. Einklang
2. Sonniger Morgen 3. Berührung
4. Ballade
5. Weisst du noch? 6. Nähe
7. Weites Land
8. Hoffnung

Produktinformationen "Roedelius Czjzek - Weites Land"

Vienna, the early 1980s. Krautrock, electronic and ambient pioneer Hans Joachim Roedelius, co-founder Cluster and Harmonia and saxophone free spirit Alexander Czjzek meet for the first time. Their longstanding collaboration found its climax in the fantastic album "Weites Land", which was released in 1987 for the first time, but has been out of print for many decades and became a sought-after rarity. Bureau B is pleased to make this organic jazz masterpiece finally available again!

Release: 21. May 2021

Bureau B · Roedelius Czjzek - Weites Land (album preview) Bureau B · Roedelius Czjzek - Weites Land (album preview)
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl