Richard Pinhas – Iceland

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Produktnummer: BB393-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 11.02.2022
1. Iceland (Part 1)
2. Iceland (Part 2)
3. The Last Kings Of Thule (Part 1)
4. Iceland (Part 3)
5. Indicatif Radio
6. The Last Kings Of Thule (Part 2)
7. Short Transition
8. Greenland
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Produktinformationen "Richard Pinhas – Iceland"

Richard Pinhas' album Iceland was first released in 1979 and is his third solo work, also the first after the split from Heldon. This album seems like a long, inward-looking journey and is like a kind of counter-point to the expansive sci-fi worlds and the bombastic prog of Heldon; on Iceland you will find long, sublime tracks next to short, rougher sketches. Echo guitars, rhythm machines and the washed-out warmth of analog synthesizer sounds create a very peculiar, chilling atmosphere.

Bureau B is grateful to make this Richard Pinhas album finally available again.

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Release: February 11, 2022

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl