Naked Lunch - All Is Fever

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Produktnummer: TR243-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2013

1) Keep It Hardcore
2) The Sun
3) At The Lovecourt
4) Shine On
5) Dreaming Hiroshima
6) My Lonely Boy
7) 41
8) Hammer It All
9) Over It
10) The Funeral

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Produktinformationen "Naked Lunch - All Is Fever"

On "All Is Fever" Naked Lunch draw from the entire spectrum, without any regard for the boundaries between or definitions of indie music, European art song, ballad, pop, broken humanist anthems and electronically accompanied death-soul. They give each song what it needs, and as a result they are as accessible and affectionate as ever. The time and history that went into these songs is apparent. It is a gift, because this time and history now (also) belongs to us. It can be found in these ten songs that the band played and produced for "All Is Fever" over many months. It is music that dares to be beautiful. Important. Great. Courageous. Clever. Heart-wrenching. Forgetting and embracing the world simultaneously. No buts, no smart relativism, no pathetic irony. "Keep it hooray."

Release date: February 1st, 2013

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Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl