Moebius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta

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1. News
2. Rastakraut Pasta
3. Feedback 66
4. Misi Cacadou
5. Two Oldtimers
6. Solar Plexus
7. Landebahn
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Dieter Moebius (one of the most important protagonists of avant-garde electronic music in Germany, part of Harmonia and Cluster) and Conny Plank (the most legendary sound engineer of the German Underground) made a congenial pair as musicians. An enigmatic form of pop music came into being on "Rastakraut Pasta", a breakneck, elegant mix of diverse elements: a touch of Krautrock, some avant-garde pop, new German electronica, even sporadic echoes of reggae. Recorded in in Conny's studio in 1980; guest musician: Holger Czukay (Can)

Release date: May 7th 2010

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl