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Produktnummer: TR517-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 10.11.2023
01. Contemporary Jaguars
02. Excuse The Excuse
03. Gold Card Member
04. Glow
05. Tiny Fingers
06. No Vision
07. Stratospheric Numbers
08. Youth And I
09. In The Sweet Land Of Mint
Produktinformationen "Mint Mind - VG+"
"Heavy music for nerdy people", that's how someone once described the music of Mint Mind. "For" or "from"? Both, of course. After the first "VG+" songs, you get a feeling of what the world of Mint Mind looks like: instruments and amplifiers from several decades loosely piled and organized. In front of, next to and between are synthesizers and effects, some as big as microwave ovens. On the crooked record shelf are handfuls of comics, albums by New Order, Devo, the B52s, almost the entire SST catalog, as well as Krautrock classics by Can and Faust. "VG+", Mint Mind's third album, has become a great, cross-generational indie rock album.