Louis Philippe & The Night Mail - Thunderclouds

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Produktnummer: TR481-Vinyl
Erscheinungsdatum: 11.12.2020
1) Living On Borrowed Time
2) Once In A Lifetime Of Lies
3) Rio Grande
4) Willow
5) Fall In A Daydream
6) Thunderclouds
7) Love Is The Only Light
8) Alphaville
9) No Sound
10) The Man Who Had It All
11) The Mighty Owl
12) Do I
13) When London Burns
Produktinformationen "Louis Philippe & The Night Mail - Thunderclouds"

“I have never done a record quite like this before, with a live band in the studio, though I had always wanted to do it,” says Louis Philippe. Coming from this golden-voiced born French- and renaissance man, a Londoner by choice for the last 34 years, this seems quite astonishing. After all, this key figure of the baroque pop/chamber pop genre spent a good part of his life making his own as well as producing, writing, arranging, playing and singing on countless other people's records, be it as house producer and songwriter for Mike Alway's legendary él Records or as a collaborator with kindred spirits such as The High Llamas, Towa Tei, Martin Newell, Big Big Train, Testbild!, The Clientele and Bertrand Burgalat.

11 December 2020

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Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl