Lloyd Cole - The Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble (Card Sleeved CD/CD im Pappschuber)

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Produktnummer: TR197-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 08.10.2010

Tracklisting -
My Alibi
If I were a song
Why I love Country Music
Margo’s Waltz
Perfect Skin
Broken Record
Four Flights Up
My Other Life
Trigger Happy
No More Love Songs
Are you ready to be heartbroken?

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Produktinformationen "Lloyd Cole - The Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble (Card Sleeved CD/CD im Pappschuber)"

Lloyd about this album: "12 songs recorded live in the studio the day after our debut 2010 performance. Is this an album or not? I’m not sure, it was recorded so that we would have something by the small ensemble to sell at our January 2010 concerts; a souvenir, but it turned out better than we expected, and folk who weren’t at the shows expressed interest in getting their hands on it. So, here it is.
Lloyd, guitar, banjo Matt Cullen – guitar, banjo Mark Schwaber – guitar, mandolin Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Alan Miller.
No overdubs.

The card sleeved CDs are produced by Tapete in Germany.
Diese CD kommt im Pappschuber.

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Tonträgerart: CD