Lloyd Cole - Standards

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Erscheinungsdatum: 21.06.2013
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Lloyd Cole released his new album ‘Standards’ on 24th June ’13 on Tapete Records. Recorded in late 2012 to early 2013 in Los Angeles, New York and at his home in Easthampton, Massachusetts, ‘Standards’ is produced by Lloyd and mixed by maverick German producer Olaf Opal.

Inspired in part by the vitality he found in septuagenarian Dylan’s acclaimed 2012 album ‘Tempest’ - says Cole, 52: “I took it as a kick up the backside...” – ‘Standards’ is a gloriously electric rock’n’roll record and arguably the best thing he has made since his groundbreaking debut with the Commotions, 1984’s ‘Rattlesnakes’.

Release Date: June 21st, 2013

01. California
02. Earthquake
03. Women's Studies
04. Period Piece
05. Myrtle and Rose
06. No Truck
07. Blue Like Mars
08. Opposites Day
09. Silver Lake
10. It's Late
11. Kids Today
12. Diminished Ex

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