La Casa Azul - La Gran Esfera LP (Elefant Records)

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Produktinformationen "La Casa Azul - La Gran Esfera LP (Elefant Records)"

Colored vinyl incl. DL code

Fantastic project by Guille Milkyway. Starting as an Archies- like Sunshinepop/Bubblegum cartoon band, La Casa Azul/Milkyway changed his style and La Gran Esfera is an Euro-Pop/Euro-Disco/Shibuya-Sound midtempo dancefloor monster.

On “La Gran Esfera”, Guille Milkyway knocks the wall down, playing with a million references, current and past, greatest hits and underground, tracks for the dance floor and tracks to break our hearts. You can hear hints of LAS AVES, Etienne Daho, Donna Summer, BOY PABLO, THE BEACH BOYS, VIDEO AGE, ROOSEVELT, ROBOTAKI, BLOSSOMS, THE GO! TEAM and ELO. And all of this without losing even a drop of his own personality.

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: Vinyl