Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen

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Produktnummer: BB226-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.06.2016
01 Die versunkene Stadt - Atlantis (21:32)
02 Vollmond - Selene (21:06)
Produktinformationen "Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen"

Jürgen Karg’s career in music began in the 1960s as bass playerfor German jazz legend Wolfgang Dauner. It was not until the1970s that he switched his attention to electronic music, launchinghimself wholeheartedly into exploring the genre and building up anextensive collection of synthesizers over a five year period. His efforts culminated in “Elektronische Mythen”, a mighty opusof experimental music which reveals new aspects every time it is played.
Jürgen Karg’s music is deeply serious, as vexing as a jamais vu, yet absolutelybeautiful. Elektronische Mythen is an album which fits like apuzzle piece between the first and second soundtracks for A ClockworkOrange. It's worth to check it out!

Release: June 17, 2016

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl