John Howard - Kid In A Big World (You Are The Cosmos)

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Side A:
Goodbye Suzie
Family Man
The Flame
Maybe Someday In Miami
Gone Away

Side B:
Missing Key
Guess Who's Coming To dinner
Deadly Nightsade
Kid In A Big World

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LP incl. MP 3

Reissue. Released by CBS in 1975
The GREAT "Lost" Record of the Glam-Pop wave of the early 1970s.

“One of the greatest hidden albums of pop combining David Bowie, Lewis Carroll, Syd Barrett, Jarvis Cocker; eccentric dandy John Howard deserves an ovation”
(Standart Magazine)

"A magnificent collection of rococo balladry and florid vignettes from a singer/songwriter who might have rivaled Elton or Bowie. What a discovery!"
(Uncut *****)

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