Jimi Tenor - 'Omniverse - Sounds, Sights and Stories'

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Erscheinungsdatum: 20.05.2022
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Born in Lahti in 1965, he changed his name from Lassi Letho to Jimi Tenor in reference to his favourite instrument, the tenor saxophone, and out of admiration for the musician Jimmy Osmond. After school, he takes up music studies before eventually moving to New York, where he works as a souvenir photographer on the Empire State Building. During this time, Tenor continues to work on his music in his flat and this unique mixture between house, jazz and experimental pop music emerges. His solo debut "Sähkömies" (1994) established one of the most exciting artistic careers that has lasted for over 30 years.

A techno pioneer in the 1990s, Tenor turned to his love of jazz in the 2000s, recording an album with Afrobeat legend Tony Allen and collaborating with several orchestras.

As the first part of the new series Sounds, Sights & Stories, "Omniverse" uses photos and stories to document the various stages of Jimi Tenor's life and career, whose work goes far beyond his music - from photography and filmmaking to instrument making and fashion design, everything is conceivable in the world of what is probably the first Finnish pop star.

200 Pages

Released May 20th 2022

Ventil / Tapete
ISBN 9783955751746

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