Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984 - 86

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Erscheinungsdatum: 25.06.2021


1) Beat For Ikutaro (Tape 52) 2) Vega Drive (Tape 13)
3) Heizungskeller (Tape 66) 4) Ear Piercer (Tape 48)
5) Murky Water (Tape 02)
6) Floating Bottles (Tape 04)
7) Spoken Letter (Tape 75)
8) Wavy RX (Tape 57)
9) Nachtspaziergang (Tape 40)
10) Grandma's Kitchen (Tape 29) 11) Steam Engine (Tape 40)
13) Bike Spokes (Tape 02)
14) Fernsprecher (Tape 75)
15) Submarines in Space (Tape 07) 16) Film Drei (Tape 09)

Produktinformationen "Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984 - 86"

Most of the tracks on this album from Camouflage band member Heiko Maile were recorded with a basic stereo (2-track) cassette recorder. The studio set-up looked more or less like this: a drum computer (no Midi) and a sequencer were connected to each other and synchronized rhythmically. I crafted melodic sequences and rhythms and usually transposed them to the desired pitch manually, using the keyboards. Other live instruments were played over the top. Then everything, the sum of all the sound sources, was put together in a kind of "live recording" with the aid of a mixing desk. Just a single mistake would mean having to start all over again. Reconfiguring many of the sounds once the controls had already been adjuste was a painstaking process. I ended up with heaps of cassettes, often featuring seemingly endless versions and variations of the same track. Demo Tapes 1984-86 by Heiko Maile includes a selection from his beginnings of electronic music and the bizarre sonic worlds he inhabited.

Release: 25. June 2021

Bureau B · Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984-86 (album preview)
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