Hearts No Static - Motif

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Produktnummer: BB43-CD

1. Lowlands
2. Motif
3. Straif Of Malacca
4. Elitism
5. Wastelands
6. Fashion Death
7. Happy Holidays
8. Hovering (Part 1)
9. Knick-Knacks
10. Hovering (Part 2)
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Produktinformationen "Hearts No Static - Motif"
Hearts No Static are an instrumental trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Their majestic Drone/Kraut/Post Rock/Ambient music mixture evokes pictures of deep forests, dark seas, and stirring coastal scenery. Every now and then a wall of sound shakes you up – and then there's beautiful silence again. And within lies a special, majestic melancholy. Don't miss this unique "painting with sound" experience.

Release date: 20 November 2009
Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD