Hans-A-Plast - Hans-A-Plast

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Produktnummer: TR533-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 04.08.2023
01. Rock'n Roll Freitag
02. Lederhosentyp
03. Für 'ne Frau
04. Monopoly
05. Teenage Traum
06. Rank Xerox
07. Es brennt
08. Starfighter
09. Polizeiknüppel
10. Man Of Stone
11. Amerikaner
12. Hau ab du stinkst
13. O, O, O
Produktinformationen "Hans-A-Plast - Hans-A-Plast"
The year is 1978: two young women, two young men — Bettina, Renate, Jens and Micha — form a group and name themselves after the aforementioned plasters (Hansaplast). 
Before long, their fans are sticking plasters on their leather jackets. Meanwhile, Bettina, is on the lookout for someone to sing lead vocals so she can concentrate on the drums in the band instead. Back from a school exchange trip to the United States, where she learned how to anaesthetise boredom with whiskey, LSD and Patti Smith, Annette’s vocal talents are in the service of a girls‘ choir when they find her. In the two years since her USA sojourn, she has jobbed her way through Amsterdam and London as the sound of punk grows louder. She sees Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, and UB40 at the Vortex, but it’s the Slits and Poly Styrene with her X-Ray Spex who trigger an epiphany. Now she knows what she wants to do, or more precisely, what she has to do. Whilst in London, a teacher from Braunschweig implores Annette to return home to complete her studies and take her Abitur. Shadowed by the fear of nuclear war and a new generation of the Red Army Faction, Annette never actually completes her exams at the IGS Braunschweig school, but she does start her first band there: Slime (not the Slime that went on to greater fame) mix original songs with Sex Pistols covers. Annette takes »Man of Stone« (one of their own) with her when she joins Hans-A-Plast, the band she meets in November 1978 at the first No Fun Festival, where Hans-A-Plast and Slime play together. Bettina asks Annette if she would like to sing for them — yes, she would. Fast forward to the rehearsal bunker as Bettina hands Annette the lyrics to three songs: »Lederhosentyp«, »Rock ’n’ Roll Freitag« and »Hau ab du stinkst«. The creative spark ignites and the 3 songs soon become 13.
"Hans-A-Plast" is the first reissue of the three Hans-A-Plast albums.