Funky Fräuleins Vol. 2

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Produktnummer: BB61-CD
1. Uschi Moser: Sunny Honey 2. Veronika Fischer: He, wir fahr’n mit dem Zug 3. Fasia: Arbeitslosen-Blues 4. Joy Fleming: Fieber 5. Uschi Glas: Mein Wochenende 6. Uschi Brüning: Hochzeitsnacht 7. Heidelinde Weis: Der Supermann 8. Caterina Valente: I Dig Rock and Roll Music 9. Hildegard Knef: Gern Bereit 10. Su Kramer: Weißer Sand 11. Inga Rumpf: Superstition 12. Paggy March: Die Entdeckung des Jahrhunderts 13. Lill Lindfors: Harper Valley 14. Angelika Mann: Kutte 15. Li Monty: Funky Bone 16. Anne Haigis: Fingernails 17. Donna Gaines: Can’t Understand
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Well, if this isn't a fantastic piece of news: The Funky Fräuleins are back for more! Round two is even richer in teutonic sexiness, hips are swinging more vigorously to so much more beat and oodles of extra groove. This time we have ventured as far as the year 1981 – but only for two tracks. Mostly, we're back in the seventies, with the odd beat excursion into the late sixties. All without a single slice of disco! Amazing! Release date: January 7th 2011

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Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl