faUSt - Fresh Air

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Produktnummer: BB254-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.05.2017
1. Fresh Air 17:31
2. Birds Of Texas 2:31
3. Partitur 0:22
4. La Poulie 6:38
5. Chlorophyl 8:04
6. Lights Flicker 5:40
7. Fish 11:25
Produktinformationen "faUSt - Fresh Air"

In these community recordings, with friendly support from Péron's database of field recordings, a strongly shaded noise music emerged which extends its feelers to the remotest corners of the here and now. Droning, swinging, lusting for freedom, here and there holding out quite stoically as machine-room blues. On board are the freely fabulous Barbara Manning in a live lecture, Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps) in overdub and Ysanne Spevack as a wonderful wavemaker on the viola.

„An impassioned attempt to break through the window between artist and audience, as well as trying to raise the urgency of the art game in desperate times.“ Classic Rock

„No doubts are left that Faust's unique creative flame still burns as bright as their social conscience.“ Record Collector

„As a jumbled response to unfolding chaos on Planet Earth, Fresh Air delivers a welcome jolt of energy.“ The Wire

„Raue Schönheit, die sich keinem Zeitgeist beugt.“ Musikexpress

„Fresh Air ist so etwas wie der Urschrei in verschiedenen Soundfarben: von der Lautmalerei über den Laierkasten-Drone-Folk bis hin zu den wild wuchernden Industrial Songs mit Saxofon und Vioala. […] Well done.“ Rolling Stone

„Mit neckischer Unbekümmertheit und der ungestümen Entschlossenheit dilettantischer Neutönerei zimmern sie ihre dadaistisch-poetischen Kratzbürstigkeiten aus Wort, Musik und Geräusch zusammen. Chromatische Polyphonien in energiegetriebener Wildheit“ Spex

„Faust's wild spirit remains untaimed as ever and, with the plight of our beleaguered planet now providing a major impertus, they have embarked on a new lease of life devoted to making most other bands sound puny and obedient; just like they were doing in the early 1970s.“ Prog Magazin

Available on CD, Vinyl and limited Deluxe Edition (500 units) with orange vinyl in gatefold-sleeve and a bonus 7“-single! CD is included in LP and Deluxe LP version.

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Release: May 5th, 2017

Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Deluxe Vinyl, Vinyl (incl. CD)