VA - Echo Neuklang (Neo-Kraut-Sounds 1981 – 2023)


Product Number: BB416CD
Release Date: 31.03.2023
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Product information "VA - Echo Neuklang (Neo-Kraut-Sounds 1981 – 2023)"
Christoph Dallach, Andreas Dorau and Daniel Jahn present Echo Neuklang, a compilation which explores the question of how Krautrock has influenced generation after generation of musicians since its inception. A contentious genre at the best of times, the music within its spectrum is essentially intangible. The common thread running through it is a compulsion to seek out the new. Beginning in the year 1981 and extending as far as 2023, the music in this collection demonstrates how the idea of what passed for Krautrock in the 1970s has been interpreted or reinterpreted by a diverse array of artists with distinct approaches in the decades which followed, without recourse to any generic conventions.