V.A. - Klar!80


Product Number: BB435-Kassette
Release Date: 13.07.2023
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Product information "V.A. - Klar!80"
KLAR! 80: a label with no program. This compilation represents an initial - and long overdue - foray into the years 1980 - 82, when KLAR! 80 was a cassette label, paired with a shop of the same name in Düsseldorf. Founded by Rainer Rabowski, KLAR!80 released 18 cassettes of varying length and a box set containing three 12" vinyl Eps which fetch handsome prices among collectors nowadays. The "KLAR!80 - Ein Kassettenlabel aus Düsseldorf 1980-1982" collection reaches even further back in time than the "SAMMLUNG - Düsseldorfer Kassettenmusik 1982-1989 (BB236/2017)" collection, similarly curated by Stefan Schneider, which focused on the mid-1980s Düsseldorf cassette scene. It captures the brief period between the end of punk and the looming capitalisation and digitalisation of so many aspects of life.