Product Number: TR534-CD
Release Date: 04.08.2023
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Product information "Hans-A-Plast - 2"
While tens of thousands still revel in the sound of the debut album, Hans-A-Plast have already left their 1-2-3-4 punk days behind them. The band undergoes a veritable metamorphosis. Annette throws herself wholeheartedly into her role as lyricist, finding inspiration in the likes of Sex Gang Children and hanging out in the Rote Kuh bar frequented by British soldiers stationed in Hanover — one of whom, Chas Briggs, designs the back cover of the new LP. Recorded in November 1980 at the Toncooperative studio in Hanover (like its predecessor), the second album virtually explodes with instrumental urgency: its dissonant guitars and increasingly avant-garde arrangements are reminiscent of the New York no wave scene. A singular nervous tremor is suddenly interrupted before everything rushes ahead again, left, right, radical rhythm shifts, bass drum quarter beats encircle atonal saxophone, nursery rhymes are fed through the meat grinder ... this hectic pace is reflected in Annette’s vocal melodies, alternating between a choirgirl and a caw, whooping, almost yodelling, enthusiastically singing of self-immolation or murder threats on (long since expired) actors. 

"2" is the second reissue of the three Hans-A-Plast albums.