Andreas Dorau - Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden


Product Number: TR466-CD
Release Date: 03.06.2022
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Product information "Andreas Dorau - Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden"

• First released in 2005 on Mute
• Includes such classics as “Kein Liebeslied”, “40 Frauen” and “Im September”
• Available - at long last - as a remastered reissue

The maestro spent eight long years working on his so-called “wild boar record”, a disc which featured Wolfgang Müller, Justus Köhncke, Carsten “Erobique” Meyer and Paul Kominek, along with Andreas and Dorau. The concept of the album revolved around the separation of these last two participants. Did Andreas and Dorau change the world with “Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden”? Probably not, but they did manage to create a magnificent, timeless, electronic pop album which merits rediscovery. That’s something!

Release: 3 June 2022

Style: red
format: CD, Vinyl