Elva - Winter Sun

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Produktnummer: TR433-CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.04.2019

1. Athens
2. Tailwind
3. Dreaming With Our Feet
4. Ghost Writer
5. Harbour In The Storm
6. Airport Town
7. Don't Be Afraid
8. Everything Is Strange
9. I Need Love
10. Winter Sun

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Elva is the new project of Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris and Ola Innset, of the Norwegian bands Making Marks and Sunturns.
Winter Sun was recorded in the autumn of 2018 in an old school house in the Swedish forest, during moose hunting season. Meaning “The River” in Norwegian, Elva take their inspiration from the natural world, the beauty of the Scandinavian summer and the harshness of the winter. Several of the songs on the album are tellingly inspired by the birth of Elizabeth's and Ola’s daughter.

A fantastic mixture of Folk, Songwriter, Pop and Indie.
Heartwarming, modern and timeless!

Veröffentlichung: 19. April 2019

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Style: Rot
Tonträgerart: CD, Vinyl